Rubber Fender

Rubber Fender

The series of Rubber Fender products are suitable for all the advanced equipment of ports and wharf. The rubber fender of our company has a better technical structure, excellent technical performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Over the years, abundant experience has been accumulated in rubber fender formulation, steel glue combination, anti- impact plate design, anti-corrosion and accessories application. It has been producing super drum type, super arch fender, cone fender, I type fender, rotating fender, port ladder fender and colored fender. These product designs and functions are completely based on consumers’ demands. Product upgrading, technological innovation and after-sales service are constantly improved. The products are well received by the users.


1.the equal specification fender energy absorb raise one more times, long life using. It can reduce the cost of the dock project.

2,While vessel angular berthing, the performance basically unchanged.

3,Front panel set in the margin of fender, it can lower the surface pressure of the vessel side board.

4.It applies for large vessel berthing.

5,It applies for low reaction force, high energy absorption dock and that using supper cell rubber fender all dock. The style of installation variety. Easily be installed.


V type rubber fender has been optimized for increased energy absorption compared to traditional arch fenders on the market. They are particularly useful for vessels with high allowable hull pressures and for locations where mounting space is limited. A variety of sizes and lengths are offered.


Cylindrical Rubber Fenders

The simple design and ease of installation make the cylindrical fender a cost effective, lone life solution for many applications.


Super Cell Fender has high absorption energy per unit weight. Also among all types of compressed fenders, it has the lowest

compression performance change.



High force absorption and long usage life.

Super cell fenders are high technical products developed to substitute common cell fenders.