Polypropylene Multifilament Rope

Polypropylene filament ropes are made of round continuous filaments which are produced with the laborious double twisting process “ROPE IN ROPE” type for maximum abrasion resistance. It has same strength either under wet condition or normal condition. It is easy handing smooth surface, soft and water absorption.



  • Material: Polypropylene filament
  • Construction: 3, 8 or 12 strand
  • High tensile strength and good elasticity
  • Double twisted construction
  • Good resistance to solvents and chemicals
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Melting point: 165°C
  • Elongation at breaking: 15%-18% (When new)
  • Specific gravity: 0.91 (Float)

3 strand Polypropylene rope parameter table

8&12 strand Polypropylene rope parameter table